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The agitation of Eredo Community for effective participation in grassroot governance could be traced back to pre-independence era. Their efforts were crowned when the community started to feature in the political structure of the then old Western Region as a district council along with five neighboring communities namely Ikosi, Ejinrin Epe, Ibeju and Lekki councils.

This six districts councils were later merged to form Epe Division after the creation of Lagos State in 1967, and later transformed to Epe Local Government.

In the second republic, the first civilian government of Lagos State headed by Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande between 1979 - 1983 increased the number of the local government in the state from twelve to twenty-three of which Agbowa, Eredo, Ejinrin Local Government with headquarter in Eredo was created. This initiative was short-lived by the incursion of military junta into government via coup-detat of 1983.

However on October, 2003, the people long time dream came to reality when the Executive Governor of Lagos State His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu announced the creation of additional 37 Local Council Development Areas (LCDA) to the existing twenty Local Government in which Eredo Local Development Area was on of them.

Climate & Vegetation

The area lies in the tropical climate as with the rest of the areas of southern Nigeria. It has two distinct seasons. These are the rainy season (April - October) and the dry season (November - March). Temperature ranges between 210C and 280C with high humidity. The south - westerly winds and the North East Trade winds blow in the raining and dry (Harmattan) seasons respectively. Tropical Forest exists in the south, while guinea savanna predominates in the northern peripheries.

Cultural & Religious Background

The people are mostly Muslims and Christians while some are still traditional religionists.
The people of Eredo Local Council Development Area are great custodian of culture and values. The Council is highly rich in culture. The respect given to their traditional institution is of no little measure. All the towns and villages are headed by either an Oba or Bale, who administer their respective communities with the assistance of some chiefs. As a result of thi, Council of Obas and Chiefs is headed by the Alara of Ilara who is the Vice Chairman, Lagos State Council of Obas and Chiefs. There are other paramount Obas and Chiefs in the Local Council Develpment Area.
There are traditional festivals and rites being performed by the people of Eredo to appease their gods for peace, prosperity and long life. Some of the festivals are: Oro, Kilajolu, Agbo and Agemo festivals.

Commerce & Industry

Eredo Local Council Development Area is endowed with a vast agricultural land swampy area, which enable them to excel in agricultural activites more than any other local councils in the state. About 80% of the populace engaged in farming and fishing activities and that is why, it is often referred to as the basket of the state.

Markets are spread all over the Local Council Development Area, which include Mojoda, Pobo Aladeshoyin, Ajegbende and others.


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